The Output Of Ultra-fine Mill

The Output Of Ultra-fine Mill

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Although ultra-fine mill can grind materials very fine, but also need green environmental protection, now many enterprises in the processing and production of pollution is relatively large, now the country’s environmental policy requirements are very strict.

After the requirements of relevant government departments and many mine rectifications, irregular and illegal mines were banned one after another. Later, after the relevant policies were issued, mining enterprises responded positively. Today, with the environmental protection getting deeper and deeper into the hearts of the people, the development of green mines has become a general trend.

For this reason, SBM has actively responded to the call of the state and carried out the renovation of the equipment. Now it has stable operation, large output and high fineness, and its structure design is very reasonable. Ultra fine grinding mill has larger feed particle size, lower energy consumption and higher output than ordinary grinder.

Under the same fineness of finished products, the output of ultra-fine mill is about 40% higher than other grinding equipment. In addition, the overlapping multi-stage sealed grinding device of the superfine grinder has very good sealing performance. With the use of pulse dust collector and muffler, the equipment has low noise and vibration in operation, and effectively reduces dust pollution and noise.

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